Loom 2016

Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne February 2 - March 3 2016

At every vertex of Indra’s Net* lies a multi-faceted jewel. Each jewel contains the reflection of all other jewels, and in each reflected jewel are the reflections of all the other jewels in that and so on ad infinitum.

Loom is an imagining of this cosmic interconnected tapestry through a playful improvisation with paint.  Pulsating fields of dots conceal an underlying substrate and membrane-like veils are pierced, revealing pin pricks of light that preview an ultimate, united space.  

This body of work began with a motivation to gain a glimpse into unfathomable vastness.  The language of abstraction allows for a non-cognitive dialogue with the unified field, where the process of painting itself reveals previously unimagined possibilities.  The result is a series of paintings that seem to arise from nothing, as though they are atoms springing into existence from the cosmic void.  

  1. *In the stories of Veda, the God Indra throws a net over the palace on Mount Meru, the axis mundi of Hindu cosmology - a symbol of the interconnected universe