Screen 2016

The screen is like a veil or a fine membrane that separates states of reality. The screen is the liminal space - the in between space - that at times can be perforated or pierced through to reveal a reality that differs widely from everyday experience.

Screens are everywhere - self imposed or otherwise, but they pervade experience.  The act of recognising them involves building new pathways to dormant areas of the brain that open doors to an entirely new perception of reality.  

The new paintings in ‘Screen’ are a continuation with a fascination with theoretical physics and the intangible, flimsy nature of reality.  The open ended process of making a painting, where there are no rules, structure or outcomes in mind, allow for an improvisation with uncertainty, where at any moment a painting can utterly fail or succeed. It is this risk, this dwelling on the precipice which can be a metaphor for existence.  

By observing cause and affect, the act of painting can activate an energy that is a witness to matter in action, eventually permitting a glimpse into the connections that exist between phenomena. The in-between space is the uniting force, filled with potential that can dissolve the obstacle of the screen.